Today’s article takes the form of a conversation with Skye, sharing some practical tips for challenging the canon whilst teaching the canon, tools for questioning textbooks and empowering students to do the same. …

Titus Livius (Livy) is a household name in the Classics canon. Born in 64 or 59 BC, Livy is famous for writing an impressively long history of Rome — from the mythical founding of the city in 753 BC up to his own day — called the Ab urbe condita

This year, the theme is ‘Challenge the Canon’ for Classics Abroad 2021 in Florence & Online, our summer course devoted to exploring classical antiquity through the literature, art, history and culture of Florence.

What is the Canon? Broadly speaking, the ‘Canon’ refers to those well-known authors or works that have…

Like Build-A-Bear, but better because it’s vocabulary learning that doesn’t feel like vocabulary learning.

It can be a nice change to bring visual vocabulary activities into your Latin learning, especially with the kind of eccentric words on offer in your average word list (compared to our friends over at MFL)…

In Exile is a debut novel by author and teacher, Alexandra Turney. Its tagline — “Violence is divine” — is apt for a story that asks: what would happen if Dionysus, god of wine and divine ecstasy, woke up in modern Rome?

The cover of In Exile, a debut novel by Alexandra Turney.

For a god that’s shrouded in mystery and…

Bring some good luck into your life the ancient way. This is the second article in our blog series for Mediterranean lifestyle and culture brand, Made in the Med.

Essere superstiziosi è da ignoranti, ma non esserlo porta male.” - Eduardo De Filippo

“Being superstitious is a sign of ignorance…

In the A-Z of mythology, there is no doubt that H is for Hercules. His legacy even outdoes that of his vengeful step-mother, Hera, who famously makes his life difficult from birth. …

The first in our guest blog series for Mediterranean lifestyle and jewellery brand Made in the Med.

Photo by Hulki Okan Tabak on Unsplash

Do you believe in the “Evil Eye”? Many cultures around the world still do today (so maybe you should!). It’s a particularly widespread belief in the Mediterranean region, as reflected by the abundance…

Last Thursday, the headline on pretty much every newspaper in Barcelona was: “la exhumación de Franco”. Our Spanish teacher displayed some on the board and asked us what was going on.

Thanks to Latin, I was able to decode this new word:

ex = out of/from humus = the ground/earth

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